Anomaly Server for Excel is the super-easy way to do anomaly detection, outlier detection or anomaly scoring directly from Microsoft Excel.

Anomaly Server is available as an add-in for Microsoft Excel, so anyone can get up and running in minutes.

As all calculations are performed on Influmetrics’ servers, there is no code to install on your computer, just a manifest file to add directly from the Office Store, Microsoft AppSource, from Influmetrics or via Centralized Deployment via the Office 365 admin center.

Once installed, the Anomaly Server button appears in the Home ribbon, in the top left side.

Once clicked, the task pane opens to show Anomaly Server.

If you are already signed in, you are ready to use Anomaly Server. If you don’t have an account, you can create a free one in a few seconds and get going.

When you want to do perform an anomaly analysis on a dataset, simply select the rows and columns, click the Calculate button.

Once the calculation is complete, the anomaly scores are added to the column immediately to the right of your selection – so make sure this column is free of data, or it will be overwritten.

Anomaly Server for Excel puts anomaly detection into the hands of regular data analysts, without the need for programming or data science resources.

The anomaly results, a score between 0 and 1, can be interpreted by anyone: The larger the number, the more anomalous the record is deemed to be.

The ease-of-use of Anomaly Server for Excel enables organisations to make anomaly detection available to anyone who analyses or manages data and thus reap the instant benefits of fewer errors, timely attention to unusual events, mitigating risk and all the other benefits of knowing when your data is trying to tell you that there is something unusual going on.

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