Anomaly Server is for anyone who wants to quickly identify and understand what, if anything, is unusual about the data they work with.

Maybe there is a hidden opportunity, risk, error, or something more sinister hiding just beneath the surface of your data?

Such questions have until now typically required a data scientist and days of coding to answer. With Anomaly Server anyone using Microsoft Excel can answer these questions with the click of a button.

Some of the typical roles where Anomaly Server finds usage are:

Analyst / Data Analyst

Identify anomalies with one click directly in Excel. Not need to involve data scientists, write code, create macros or advanced functions. Just select the data and click one button.


Which of all these opportunities for human inspection should we focus on?
More targeted inspections, improved productivity, improved outcomes.

Maintenance Managers

See the unusual patterns before they become a costly issue.

Supplier/Procurement Managers

Quickly see if any of your suppliers are reporting data that indicates unusual behaviour. Catch fraud, error and sub-standard performance at the earliest opportunity and get the performance back on track.