It is hard to think of an industry where imitate awareness of unusual patterns is not a valuable and desirable.

As such Anomaly Server has application for virtually every industry, with some of the most typical industries and applications listed below.


Payment integrity, provider fraud prevention.
Telematics analysis.
Counter fraud
Identifying cases for detailed human analysis.

Health Care

Data driven health monitoring.
Quality control.
Productivity control and reporting.

Maintenance, QA/QC

Preventative maintenance analysis.
Identifying unusual patterns in quality reporting/control.


Identification of faulty sensors.
Avoiding data overload.
Detecting asset wear earlier.

Government / public sector

Taxes & revenue – identifying and prioritising cases for detailed inspection/review.
Benefits misuse prevention.
Supplier reporting analysis – quickly identifying outliers.
Drug prescription analysis – identifying unusual prescription patterns.
Crime analysis – early detection of unusual patterns.
Application screening – detecting unusual applications.
External reporting – selecting organisations for detailed inspection.
Self-reporting – identifying anomalies, selection for detailed inspection.
Customs inspections – identifying entities for detailed inspection.

Financial Sector

Financial reporting analysis – identifying anomalies.
Identifying unusual trading patters.


Identifying unusual applications.
Exam results analysis.


Identifying unusual results.


Access log analysis.
Unusual behaviour identification.