Drag your content to the dashboard..

Just drag your marketing content to the dashboard. The application will then analyse it to determine the type of persona who is likely to find it relevant, and find them!

Leads and opportunities appear..

Automatically score leads using templates; and automatically build action lists.

Action opportunities

Action your opportunities directly by reaching out, and know what internal and external content that will be of greatest interest to each person.

Test Early Drafts

Test drafts of your content to see if it will hit the mark.

Engagement Recommendations

Recommends the content you should use to engage anyone online.

New Follower Recommendation

Welcome new followers with a great, individual content or news recommendation.

Sharing Reminders

Reminds you when it is time to share old content.

Curated News

Curate news for the type of audiences you want to attract.

Digital Advertising Export

Export profile information for targeted digital advertising.