Anomaly Server is for anyone who wants to quickly identify and understand what, if anything, is unusual about the data they work with.

Maybe there is a hidden opportunity, risk, error, or something more sinister hiding just beneath the surface of your data?

Such questions have until now typically required a data scientist and days of coding to answer. With Anomaly Server anyone using Microsoft Excel can answer these questions with the click of a button.

Your organisation can instantly reap the benefits of anomaly and outlier detection directly from Microsoft Excel.

But it doesn’t stop here. When you are ready to integrate anomaly detection into your existing data flows, the Anomaly Server API makes it quick and easy to get things up and running.

You can evaluate Anomaly Server for free directly from Microsoft Excel, then deploy it to any Excel user in your organisation who can benefit from anomaly detection. Finally, when ready you can integrate it in your data pipelines using the API.

And if you prefer, you can have the service hosted inside your own firewall.

Try Anomaly Server today or contact us for a discussion about your ideas or requirements.

Anomaly Server is domain-independent and does not require training with known anomalies.