For organisations, managers and data analysts, who recommends actions or wants to make informed decisions based on data, Anomaly Server is a new service that provides a quick and easy way of identifying and quantifying anomalies and outliers.

Unlike existing solutions that requires substantial investments, training and skilled data scientists writing code and performing batch analyses, Anomaly Server provides anyone with instant access to anomaly scoring directly in Microsoft Excel or via an API.

Anomaly Server works on any kind of numerical data and does not need to know what constitutes an anomaly. There is no need for training of a model, writing code or any complex data wrangling.

In Excel you simply select the data you want to analyse, click the Calculate button and Anomaly Server will provide the results, in the column next to your data.

This ease-of-use enables anyone to instantly know if there is anything unusual about the data in front of them and to act quickly on any anomalies.